The Iowa Legislature – Big Government Job Killers

The activist Iowa state legislature – aka job killers – has created a new level of bureaucracy by inventing “agricultural production facility fraud,” which essentially deprives us of our God-given right to lie on job applications.

In the immortal words of Lisa Simpson, “They expect you to lie a little.” But now we have Big Brother hanging over our shoulders while we fudge our resumes, and doing so could put you in prison for up to a year. No longer can you claim fluency in Swahili to gain that little extra advantage when applying for a job poking crippled cows with a forklift.

So, if elitist vegan activists can no longer get jobs in Midwest “agricultural facilities,” who can we rely on to abuse our food? “Illegals” perhaps? Normally I would say yes – but since these agricultural companies expect total honesty among their employees and are so stringent over trespassing violations, I can’t imagine they would ever hire anyone who misrepresents their immigration status or does anything to break the country’s sacrosanct borders and immigration laws. Right?


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