Deconstructing “A Day Ruined”

February 9, 2017

“A Day Ruined” is a new, very short story posted at the end of 2016, inspired by a recent, dispiriting set of stamps from the Postal Service that sends the wrong message about pets and exotics.

Pet Stamps - Side 1 of USPS stamps Side 2 of USPS Stamps

Once you get beyond the dogs and cats/puppies and kittens, the pictured animals are less and less appropriate as companions. Many are routinely removed from their native habitats and shipped in poor conditions, only to be abandoned by irresponsible owners.

In any event, many people are concerned about issues of animal suffering, and the day-to-day life of people who care about such things, or who care about anything, is getting difficult in today’s America, where the loudest voices dominate current political discussions by venting their inner asshole. And all this noise covers up actions like the USDA’s, which recently pulled public information about animal abuse from its site.

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