Dispatches – They Hate Horses, Don’t They?

A quick peek behind the scenes in today’s right-wing media/rumor organization:

“Fifteen minutes till live.”

“Gary, can I get a quick practice on the end of tonight’s monologue before we go live?”


“That’s your right.”

“I mean, go ahead.”

“Right. So…” [clears throat, tilts head] “…and finally we got a report in tonight about a vet named Dr. Wang. And by vet, I mean veterinarian. She goes on vacation for a day, and a man at the same clinic covers his colleague’s patients. He’s not getting paid any extra for this, mind you. He does his own work AND covers her visits and appointments and all the follow-up calls, and that afternoon, he’s talking to one of her clients about his dog’s teeth, how they would recommend a cleaning, which is expensive. At least $500. So the owner says he wants to wait, and this male vet says, Sure, I understand. If you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, Dr. Wang will be back on Monday. Sounds fine, right? We’ve all said something to that effect, right? But Dr. Wang hears about this comment when she gets back. And she gets offended. And now she’s suing her colleague and the clinic because he called her a horse. That’s where we are at in Biden’s America.”

“Sounds good.”

“Thanks Gary. It seems a little short. Do we know where this Dr. Wang is from…?”

“Ummm… not sure. The initial Tweet doesn’t even mention her first name.”

“I was just thinking, maybe she’s from one of those countries that hates horses.”

“Which country is that?”

“There are lots of countries with Wangs. I’m sure one of them could work.”

“I could do some research…”

“Nah no never mind. Let’s go with it as-is, except… how much is she suing for?”


“Maybe a million?”

“Let’s say four.”

“She’s suing for four million? This really is getting out of hand…”