Pity the Trump voters

I almost feel pity for the Trump supporters and “real people” who use hashtags like #democratshateamerica. At this point, they REALLY miss Obama. Life was so much easier when they hated the guy in charge and could cry and moan about every little thing, yet still take it for granted that shit would get done. It is so much easier to be against something because you don’t have to be responsible for anything.

Consider the Post Office. It may seemed outdated now, but it was once a national pastime to bitch if there was a line, any line, at the Post Office. Ten minutes in line to mail a package with insurance…? How dare they! Don’t they know I pay their salary!?!

But the Post Office is a miracle. Seriously. You drop a missive in a slot, and that message reappears in its designated location a few days later. It is like email … but with people. How is that not worth a few moments standing in a gray, dimly lit government building?

The mechanics were solid, so it was easy for people to complain at the fringes, knowing that they could pounce on any misstep without taking any responsibility for decisions made to keep things running. Trump supporters don’t have that cover anymore. They got what they wanted, and their decisions had a direct impact on our current conditions.

Their guy disbanded the global pandemic response team. And his response has been a disaster. It should be really difficult now to justify any vote for their guy. And impossible to hide from the consequences of their previous choice. But they still try…

At this point, the “Deep State” is the inability of Trump supporters to admit they made a mistake.