Dispatches – Get Ready…

Get ready for more conversations like the following…

“I read a story about a story about Trump? That he paid some Russian to pee on him…?”

“I heard that. But you have to call that ‘fake news.'”

“Yeah, I knew it’s a lie…”

“Say it.”

“Say what?”

“Say ‘fake news.'”

“…Fake news.”

“You’re damn right it’s fake news.”

“Awesome. Gotta remember that: fake new, fake news, fake news…”

“You know how you know? The media made one big mistake when they were making up this story. You see, they couldn’t help themselves. They hate Trump so much, they had to make him the pissee. That’s how you know it’s fake. Because if there’s pissing to be done, Trump’s gonna do it.”

“Yeah yeah. Trump’s the pisser. We voted for a pisser.”

“Damn right. If you get in bed with Trump, you know he’s gonna be on top, and you better get ready to get pissed on.”


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