Think about it, AJ

Of course Alex Jones was titillated by the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory—it is exactly the type of lascivious fiction that draws him in for a wallow. By comparison, the 9/11 conspiracies are rote, with nary a salacious angle, unless you count the virgins promised to the suicidal terrorists, which you do not because, according to the Truthers, they don’t exist (the terrorists, not the virgins).

In fact, I suspect AJ doesn’t think much about those 9/11 conspiracies anymore, wherein Truthers believe a mix of U.S. government entities and New York commercial property owners conspired to blow up the Twin Towers through plane impact and controlled demolition. The latter part of the conspiracy is where the NY property owners necessarily get involved because how could they not know about construction workers deployed throughout the WTC buildings to plant explosive charges? Heck, Trump peer Larry Silverstein uttered the telling words “pull it” about his property WTC 7.

And therein lies the rub because, in AJ’s world, how could D- Trump not know about the 9/11 conspiracy? In fact, since D- Trump, for whom AJ campaigned, is the most prominent and hence most successful property owner in New York, he had to be part of the conspiracy, right? How could he not?

It is the question that should keep AJ and his Truther ditto heads up at night. But it doesn’t.


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