Dispatches – Picking on VW

This particular discussion inadvertently veered into insightful observations on a current event and its implications for modern society:

“You hear it’s been a year since Volkswagen got caught cheating on their gas mileage? And all those folks who got a VW got a billion dollars.”

“Damn. I shoulda bought one. I remember looking at those cars years ago, and I knew their mileage wasn’t right. I knew they was lying. And now, everyone who got suckered gets a big payout, and I get nothing for knowing my shit.”

“You know how Volkswagen got away with it?”

“How’s that?”

“Let’s just say, I ain’t never seen a man drive a Volkswagen.” [Both laugh.] “It’s a sad world today, when people get rewarded for their stupidity.”

“Hell, the only reason VW had to cheat was they had to get around the EPA. If it was up to tree huggers, we’d all be driving bicycles to work.”

“And you know those VW ladies went before the judge crying that this big corporation was picking on them. Hell, everybody gets picked on. The Irish. The Christians. The Italians. You gotta pull yourself up. Can’t live your life looking for handouts.”

“What’s your history?”



“We definitely got indentured servants in our history. And we ain’t whining about it.”

“Hell no. If someone picks on you, you stand up, you work harder, you prove yourself. You don’t go suing people.”

“Or making terrorist groups. What would we call our terrorist group? White Lives Matter?”

“That’s already taken. My cousin went to one of their mixers.”

“The best names are always taken.”

“That reminds me, I sent in a new nickname for Barry to the Trump website. I hope he uses it in the debates.”

“What is it?”

“Obama bin Lyin’.”

“…I don’t get it. But I like it.”


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