Official “Idiots on an Overpass” Day

July 19 must be the new official “Idiots on an Overpass” day in Texas. Clumps of white people were perched on several I-35 bridges between Dallas and Austin, waving their freak flags alongside the token Gadsden flag. It looks like, based on their signs imploring no one in particular to “secure the border” and “stop the invasion,” these unfortunate folk never got over their infantile fears of little homeless brown children.

It must be difficult for these people to live with this constant state of irrational fear, but before you feel too much pity, keep in mind there are some benefits to living within a thick layer of ignorance, rolled up like a tasteless, all-tortilla soft taco. These folks have been so lucky in their lives that they are incapable of recognizing a humanitarian crisis and empathizing with profound suffering even when it is right in front of them.


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