Cliven Bundy – Welfare Queen

We have finally found the fabled Welfare Queen, first postulated in the Reagan Era, but only now has its existence been confirmed. And it was an easy discovery since this particular Queen, Cliven Bundy, is unashamed to go on national TV and declare he wants a free handout from the U.S. government. In essence, he wants to graze his cattle on land that doesn’t belong to him – and not pay for it. You could almost think he is a communist since he has such a slippery notion of property ownership (i.e., what isn’t mine is mine), but I suspect he is not that deep of a thinker.

Of course this corrupt thinking came because he has been suckling on the government teat since the womb. His family has been grazing on this land for generations – this land which the government, under multiple programs throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, cleared of wolves and buffalo and Native Americans to make way for this lily-white clan of moochers.

Heck, Bundy owes his entire livelihood to the government. Maybe it’s time we cut him off?


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