Cheerios Appreciation Day…?

As we approach the first anniversary of Chick-fil-A appreciation day, when right-wingers boasted their bona fides by tweeting pics of fast-food orgies, another large corporation – General Mills – is being attacked for exercising its right to free speech via a commercial showing a biracial couple and their daughter.

General Mills has been the subject of innumerable “vitriolic assaults” due to this commercial, the same types of attacks on “corporate free speech” that got Mike Huckabee so worked up in the Chick-fil-A case. Now, Mike Huckabee (aka the Huckster to anyone who knows him well) took some very public steps last year to turn what and where we eat into an overt political statement. He hasn’t said anything yet on this General Mills case, that I can tell, but I would assume he is waiting till we are closer to August 1, the actual anniversary date, to proclaim his support for General Mills, to encourage everyone to buy Cheerios in a show of opposition to its intolerant detractors.

To do otherwise, wouldn’t that be the “Biblical definition” of hypocrisy?


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